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Mandela Transit Village

The Mandela Transit Village project is a $900 million, multiphase office, housing and retail development located around the West Oakland BART station. Leveraging the untapped value of this transit oriented development site revitalizes the greater West Oakland area. The development which lies in the heart of historic West Oakland centers around a uniquely important transportation hub where BART, buses and highways converge. It consists of approximately 3,000 housing units, and supports retail and parking on seventeen acres of property fronting 7th Street in West Oakland. The proposed development includes coordination of all design approvals, property ac- quisition, new building construction, and tenant improve- ments. The tasteful, inspired architecture with LEED rated buildings is envisioned for the entire project, which can be constructed within 5 to 7 years of investment. 

Totaling over 17 acres within the historic heart of West Oakland, the project centers around this uniquely important transportation hub where BART, buses, and highways converge – virtually assuring the project will be a key cultural and economic center in West Oakland.  

Similar to the Latin-themed Fruitvale Transit Village (at the Fruitvale BART station), this development will be mixed-use with housing and retail that is focused around regional African American entertainment, music and com- munity activities and combined with a strong local retail presence (e.g. books, specialty foods, and other ethnical- ly focused goods). The central-transit location makes this a superb site for commuters. With BART’s property as the commercial centerpiece, the project will encourage job creation centered on the reverse commute.

West Oakland BART Station

West Oakland Partners proposes to develop a Class A Office and Retail project on BART’s property as the centerpiece of the Mandela Transit Village. The proposed development will transform the West Oakland BART property into a Class A Office and Retail complex oriented around transit that can serve as an office hub centered between downtown Oakland and downtown San Francisco. Created in phases, the proposal includes three Class A office buildings totaling 300,000 square feet dictated by market demand. The building design will be configured to work harmoniously with one another and with adequate parking and circulation areas, providing for safe and convenient access to the facility.